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    • 👀 Vision 2.0
      Last updated 2/24/20 How close are we to vision 2.0? Vision 2.0 is a remarkably complicated topic – most successful research so far is focused on the cornea. As of 2015, 940 million people suffer from… Continue reading 👀 Vision 2.0
    • 🫁 Lung 2.0
      Last updated 2/11/20 Lung 2.0 Progress: 52.5% Phase 1: Functional external synthetic replacement lung Proof of Concept Animal Testing/R&D Clinical Trials Approval Mass Adoption Completed Completed Completed Completed Completed 100% Completed Phase 2: Functional internal… Continue reading 🫁 Lung 2.0
    • ❤️ Heart 2.0
      Last updated 2/08/20 Heart 2.0 Progress: 20% Phase 1 Functional synthetic replacement heart (external) Phase 2 Functional replacement heart (internal) Phase 3 Effective cardiac stem cell therapies Phase 4 Functional lab grown replacement heart Phase… Continue reading ❤️ Heart 2.0

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      Project Index

      TopicProject NameProject TypeTechProject Status
      Arm 2.0Arm Transplant (VCA)ProcedureResearchSurgicalOngoing
      Arm 2.0Targeted Sensory Reinnervation (TSR)ProcedureResearchSurgicalEMGOngoing
      Arm 2.0Motor Cortex StimulationProcedureResearchSurgicalBMIOngoing
      Arm 2.0Epibone Engineered Bone GraphsProcedureProductSurgical, Stem CellOngoing
      Arm 2.0EMG Control SystemResearchEMG, RoboticsOngoing
      Arm 2.0Salamander Blastema FormationResearchStem CellOngoing
      Arm 2.0Shadow Dexterous HandResearch, Hand/ArmRoboticsOngoing
      Arm 2.0Modular Prosthetic Limb (MPL)Research, Hand/ArmProsthetic, Robotics, EMG, BMI, SurgicalOngoing
      Arm 2.0Luke ArmResearch, Product, Hand/ArmProsthetic, Robotics, EMGCompleted
      Arm 2.0Taska HandProduct, Hand/ArmProsthetic, RoboticsCompleted
      Arm 2.0I-Limb HandProduct, Hand/ArmProsthetic, RoboticsCompleted
      Arm 2.0Bebionic HandProduct, Hand/ArmProsthetic, RoboticsCompleted
      Arm 2.0Psyonic Ability HandProduct, Hand/ArmProsthetic, RoboticsCompleted
      Arm 2.0Atom TouchProduct, Hand/ArmProsthetic, Robotics, EMG, BMI, SurgicalOngoing
      Leg 2.0Leg TransplantProcedureResearchSurgicalOngoing
      Leg 2.0Ewing AmputationProcedureResearchSurgicalEMGOngoing
      Leg 2.0Motor Cortex StimulationProcedureResearchSurgicalBMIOngoing
      Leg 2.0Epibone Engineered Bone GraphsProcedureResearchSurgical, Stem CellOngoing
      Leg 2.0EMG Control SystemResearchEMG, RoboticsOngoing
      Leg 2.0Salamander Blastema Formation ResearchStem CellOngoing
      Leg 2.0Utah Bionic LegLeg, Product, ResearchProsthetic, Robotics, EMGOngoing
      Leg 2.0Blatchford LynxLeg, ProductProsthetic, Robotics, EMGCompleted
      Heart 2.0Heart TransplantProcedureResearchSurgicalOngoing
      Heart 2.0First 3D Bioprinted Heart With Blood VesselsResearchStem Cell, 3D Printing, BioprintingOngoing
      Heart 2.0Cardiac Stem Cell TransplantResearchSurgicalStem CellOngoing
      Heart 2.0Mini Human Heart OrganoidResearchStem CellOngoing
      Heart 2.0Synthetic 3D Printed HeartResearch3D PrintingOngoing
      Heart 2.0Carmat Bionic HeartProductSurgical, Robotics, 3D PrintingOngoing
      Lung 2.0Lung TransplantProcedureSurgicalOngoing
      Lung 2.0Lab Grown Human LungResearchStem Cell, BioprintingOngoing
      Lung 2.0Lab Grown Pig Lung (transplanted)Procedure, ResearchStem Cell, BioprintingCompleted
      Lung 2.0VentilatorProductSurgicalOngoing
      Lung 2.0BioLungProduct, ResearchSurgical, RoboticsUnknown
      Lung 2.0Stem Cell lung RegenerationResearchStem CellsOngoing
      Lung 2.0Artificial Lung SurfactantsResearchOtherOngoing
      Vision 2.0Cornea TransplantProcedureSurgicalOngoing
      Vision 2.0Boston KProProductOtherOngoing
      Vision 2.0CorNeat CorneaProductOtherOngoing
      Vision 2.0Occipital Lobe BMIProcedure, ResearchComputer Vision, BMI, SurgicalOngoing
      Vision 2.0GABA Inhibitor ResearchResearchStem CellsOngoing
      Vision 2.0Optic Nerve RegenerationResearchGene Therapy, Stem CellsOngoing